Google Glasses

Google strikes again with another fancy piece of technology to add to their product line. Google’s latest work of technological art, Project Glasses are in essence, reality glasses; no virtual here. These spectacles see everything you see (obviously), hear what you hear and damn near think for you. Project Glasses will provide another fancy yet simple way to keep in touch with your friends and family while interacting with the world around you. I’m all about multi-tasking so the idea of a device that allows you eat breakfast, talk on phone/instant message and reminds you to do shit is right up my alley!

These sci-fi style glasses (they look sort of like the ones Vegeta from Dragonball Z wears) allow the wearer to quite literally see the world around them in a new way. As you walk around these little screens pop up once you ask for something. For example, “give me directions to Dunkin’ Doughnuts”, a google maps map will actually appear in front of you. How cool is that!? When someone calls you or instant messages you through, their picture pops up. That’s way cooler than seeing the picture of them you have assigned as a contact. The same pop-up effects applies for any and all commands given to the glasses. Not to worry though; the images are a modest size. Small enough so that you can continue to walk to school without bumping into a tree and translucent so that you can see the ending sidewalk ahead of you. It’s just like the images you see when you look through 3D glasses for video games, not movies.

According to sources Project Glasses are past the prototyping stage and just about ready to be put out on the market. It’s been said that the going rate for these Google goggles will be somewhere between $250-$600 and we can look for them to hit stores towards the end of the year. Christmas gift!

I don’t know about you all, but when I see someone driving or walking and talking to themselves it still throws me off square a bit. Yes, I know Bluetooths have been around for ages now but it still weird to look over and see someone seemingly yelling at themselves. What’s going to happen when we see people walking down the streets asking for real shit like directions and questions, “is Bob here yet?”. I wonder how long it will take people to get over the “wtf?” factor.

Anyway, the video below that showcases the cool things Project Glasses can do and a couple of pics of what they look like. I can already imagine these being plasterd on the windows of DOC, Pearl Vision and Lens Crafters everywhere, lol.


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