Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Review

Soo, yea… is this what you’ve kept us waiting over a year for Nicki, really?

I know there are a few would be hip-hop lovers that say everyone is allowed one bad CD but that’s bullshit, much like this album. If I want to her techno and weird shit I listen to Lady Gaga, not Nicki Minaj. Of the entire lengthy 23-track (deluxe) album, a whopping 7 tracks were actually rap. The other 16 tracks however were Nicki “singing” over fast paced techno style beats. Ok, I’m all for artists trying different things with music and having fun with their craft; when done in moderation it’s actually pretty refreshing. Hell her mentor Weezy and Eminem both have done entire tracks that were singing but this broad took that shit way too far. Perhaps at one point singing was her strong suit but that point, if there ever was one, has long since passed. News flash Nicki: you were signed as a rapper, not a singer. If she wanted to try her hand at singing why not be like some of her hip-hop bretheren and took a stab at it in a way that doesn’t insult the fans. Nelly was feeling singy one year and made practically a whole CD that was him singing and being experimental, remember “Suit”? The other album that he released simultaneously, “Sweat” contained all of the real hip-hop songs; that makes sense to me and seems quite doable for Ms. Minaj. 16 tracks are more than enough songs to fill an entire CD. Why not drop a double disc like “Blueprint II: The Gift and The Curse”? One CD of bullshit and one CD of real shit? Seems fair and logical, right? Maybe Roman said no.

Speaking of her alter ego, where the hell was he on this CD? Of course there were two songs created in his “honor” but I definitely didn’t hear or feel that angry little dude on this CD. Point blank. At all. Period. I’m not like some chicks in the world that think women should in essence, try to be men when in a mans environment, but I do think that if you find yourself in certain fields that you shouldn’t let your estrogen run the show. “Pink Friday” when Roman was in control was full of hard-core rap with clever and quick witted lines that packed a mean punch, but still maintained a feminine and cute edge; “should’ve sent a thank you note you little hoe/now Imma wrap your coffin with a bow”. See, tough but cute all at the same time. On this CD though it’s like she made Roman move in with her other alter ego Ms. Martha and he returned some soft ass, girly ass, punk ass boy who is just a mere shell of himself. How tragic. Again, I’m not saying women should have to be tough or manly to get their point across, but you can not be too girly to the point where you seem weak. That’s the feel I got from this CD. I know I loved “Young Forver” (which is featured on this album) when it leaked and loved that it was so cute and girly, but a whole CD of that shit isn’t what I signed up for when I bought it.

Most of the songs were a bit lovey-dovey and soft which I don’t mind, if I’m listening to R&B. There were no real songs that had any edge or bite. On “Beez in the Trap” I feel like Nicki tired way too hard to be tough and ultimately came across as dyke-ish. “I’ll pay two grand to bust that wide open”, seriously? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get pissed as shit when men talk to me like that so there’s no way in hell a girl is going to do it. “I Am Your Leader” toned it down with the unnecessary slutty terms and overly homo lyrics and is actually pretty catchy. Despite that though, it still pales in comparison to the song I think it should line up with, “Romans Revenge” featuring Eminem. I know artists generally don’t duplicate their songs from album to album but I usually compare and contrast songs that seem to match from past albums to present, it’s a habit, sue me.

In closing, I think I’m most disappointed in “Pink Friday: Roman Roloaded” because, I, you, we, anyone with ears tuned and pitched towards hip-hop knows she can do better. Her freestyles before signing to Young Money were always on point and “Pink Friday” was pretty hot too, but this shit, not so much. I really thought “Roman in Moscow” (which sadly was not on this CD) was what was to be expected on her latest project but I was sadly mistaken. Oh well! Here’s the iTunes link if you want to buy it yourself or if you want to download it (as I should have done) here’s that link too.


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