Keep Calm And…

It’s nearly impossible not to notice all of the “Keep Calm” posters popping up all over the place. They all started with one red motivating poster stating “Keep Calm and Carry On” and soon branched off into countless parody style comments with many different ideas and personalities bringing them to life. After seeing a few dozen of these posters and pics my nerdy side took over and I decided to research where the hell the whole “Keep Calm” movement came from and who started it.

Prior to my research I thought it was one of those things that just randomly appeared on the internet one day and overnight became popular, sort of like Justin Bieber. Much to my surprise, “Keep Calm” posters have been around for a really long time and actually have a pretty cool back story! Here’s a random, probably boring to some of you history video that explains the background story of “Keep Calm”. I’ve also decided to post a few of my fav “Keep Calms”; one of them is actually my iPhone’s lock screen image; can you guess which one? lol.

Update: On my hunt to discover more “Keep Calm” posters, I discovered an entire blog dedicated to Keep Calm; awesome! Check it out here: Keep Calm Blog. Also, I’ve dedicated an entire Pin Board to “Keep Calm” on my Pinterest, wanna see? check it out here “Keep Calm” Pin Board


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