Calling All Models!

Once again, Karmaloop has turned to their highly motivated and equally fly team of reps (like me!) to help spread the word about what’s going on-on the cyber front. How I love my hustle! Anyway, the Boston-based fashion retailer extraordinaire is on the hunt for new models! If taking pictures and staying on top of urban fashion is your thing, Karmaloop is where it’s at. In addition to the glitz and glam of a models lifestyle, if you win you’ll get to experience all of the other awesomeness that is Karmaloop; that means discounts on everything, free gear and getting paid to party, what can be better than that!? The contest is pretty easy: upload a recent pic of yourself and get your friends to vote for you. The competition started today and in true Karmaloop style, this contest has a short suspense. Get your pics and your votes in by 12 April 2012 and cross your fingers! Here’s the rest of the info and the link to actual contest. Good luck!

Karmaloop Model Search


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