The Dark Knight Rises in Lego

I don’t know why but ever since I saw the big Lego exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum a few years ago I’ve started to think Legos were sort of cool. I’m not very handy nor did I ever play with them growing up but after seeing all those cool buildings and that cute dragon created with thousands of those tiny blocks I thought they were cool and sorta nifty. Now that you know why I insist on posting random Lego videos, let’s move on.

Some creative minds were really at work with this one. I’ve seen a few trailers and movies redone in Lego form, a couple can be found on this blog in fact, but this is the first time I’ve seen one with such detail. Normally the Legos just move around and sort of hop about on the Lego floor boards but in this one the creator used CGI to actually make the mouths move. Although cool and an excellent use of digital technology, it’s a little weird. Lego mouths aren’t supposed to move.

Anyway, some really creative guy (or girl) took the second Dark Knight Rises trailer and replaced Christian Bale and the ever-so-plain Anne Hathaway with Legos. Here’s the video below for your viewing pleasure!

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