Justice For Trayvon Martin

The more I learn about the murder of Trayvon Martin the more this tragedy really upsets me. I’m not dumb. I know full well that racism still exists and I understand that there are some ignorant people in the world who still find skin color to be a reason to treat people differently, but I still can’t wrap my head around why this trait and this trait alone is enough to kill someone. I mean seriously, what goes through the minds of these assholes? Even if you continue to murder innocent black people, it’s truly impossible to kill them all. With that in mind what is truly being accomplished by this fools mission? One life may be lost, but there are still millions of them on earth and probably millions on the way, so what’s really being accomplished? Nothing. The cycle of senseless violence and murder continues.

The obvious insanity plaguing my mind is the fact that the self-appointed neighborhood watch leader, criminal record having murderer of this young man is still walking the streets. This guy admitted to gunning down an unarmed teenager but was not arrested and locked up. Huh!? Once again, I got it, racism is still alive and well but how in the fuck can someone openly admit to killing someone but are set free!? That “self-defense” plea even has to be taken to trial to be evaluated by a judge and/or jury of your peers. You just don’t get set free because you say it was self defense. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not as smart as I think and the justice system has changed dramatically but I’ve been too busy defending the nation, watching the news and reading to notice. Silly me!

Next, there are some true geniuses of the world, Geraldo Rivera for example, who blame Teayvon for the incident. These assholes seem to think that if he was not wearing a hoodie (as he was walking in the rain by the way) then he wouldn’t have been shot. “The hoodie made him a target”, these people say. Ignoring the fact that the inclement weather made it completely logical for Trayvon to wear a hoodie, what sense does that make!? How in the hell is an article of clothing a “shoot me!” sign? When I go to target practice they don’t put hoodies, pink panties, a raincoat and bonnet or any other random articles of clothing on the targets so we know what to shoot so why would you practice that idiocy in real life? In more common terms, I don’t go around pointing my rifle at people or punching them over what they have on. “Hey! That guy has on green sneakers! He must be up to no good! Let’s get him!”, see how stupid that sounds?

To somewhat build on that, one thing that really pisses me off is the manor in which some people are handling this situation. First, you have some jackass reporter covering the “Million Hoodie March” in NYC the other day and stated that there were “only a few dozen in attendance”. Seriously dude? I hate when people try to undercut the efforts of others. It might not have been a million, but there were for damn sure thousands present at that peaceful protest in hoodies. I understand that you, Mr. Jackass reporter may not have supported what was going on, but that was really fucked up of you try to lessen the numbers to seemingly get others to show less interest.

On the flip side of that, although many people are irate about what happened, I see very few making real efforts to change. Again, I’m fully fuckin’ aware that racism still exists, but if you don’t like to be judged unjustly, don’t want to be judged unjustly or know how it feels to be judged unjustly, why would you continue to do it to others? People of the masses are pissed that this young man is gone forever, but from what I’ve seen first hand still cast the first stone and dish out negative stereotypical comments and slander about others. Then, based on that fool-hearty state of mind, treat the ones they’ve judged poorly. Maybe I’m thinking too far into things but seriously, isn’t it that same ignorance, stereotyping and meanness that got Trayvon Martin killed? How can you ball up your fists and march the picket lines trying to get George Zimmerman locked up when you and your state of mind are truly no better than he is? He killed a boy because he was a judgmental, ignorant stereotyping asshole. You pass the same thoughts, comments and beliefs when you see people that look a certain way.

Just last night I lost my cool on someone over that bullshit. “Yea, these two girls, who were the gayest looking girls I’ve ever seen in my life, bought tickets to ‘The Lorax’. I knew they were gonna sneak in to see something else. I knew they didn’t want to see that”. How can you look at someone and “just know” what kind of movie they want to see!? What the fuck does a persons sexual prefrence have to do with their taste in films!? I was heated. So when I go see ‘Mirror Mirror’, a children’s film based on Snow White, the ushers have the right to follow me or watch my behavior in the theater because I, a grown ass woman with no kids wants to see a kids movie, am clearly up to no good. This is the message of ugliness and ignorance you’re sending America. Stop it. This type of ignorance and bullshit is why Trayvon Martin is no longer with us. If you know how shitty it is to have someone falsely judge you based on your clothes or appearance, why would you do it to others? Are you so small minded that you don’t want to leave this earth a better place than when you found it, or are you so arrogant and pig headed that you think you’re above all of that self-improvement shit and don’t have to change? That wasn’t rhetorical. I’ll wait…

In closing, the murder of Trayvon Martin really hurts me soul. A young man killed and another hate crime being let go. Another life cut short by hatred and the hatred is being looked over and ignored. That young man did not deserve to die. It was not his fault (or the hoodie’s fault) he was killed. George Zimmerman was not defending himself. He gutted some innocent black kid in the street because he “looked suspicious”. Maybe one day this will come to an end and people will no longer be judged by the color of their skin, but rather by the contents if their character (I’ll give you $1 if you can tell me where that line came from). To quote George Zimmerman, “assholes like this always get away”. Yes, for now assholes like him do always get away. One day however, they won’t. Justice will be had for Trayvon Martin and one day, you George Zimmerman and all those like you, will get what you deserve.

To show your support and help seek justice for Trayvon Martin, please sign the petition at the link below and post a picture in a hoodie with the tag line, “Do I look suspicious?”, “Million Hoodies” or “Justice for Trayvon Martin”. Every person counts. Take a stand and help put a stop to this ignorance and senseless violence.

Justice for Trayvon Martin Petition

Do I look suspicious, too? RIP Trayvon Martin


One thought on “Justice For Trayvon Martin

  1. Thank you for explaining what’s happened (to those of us who as of late have’nt really bee in the news). It is quite sad. I fear these types of things will end no time soon unfortunatley, but hopefully media like this and those who try and make a stand can make a dent in “societies ways” but it is sad that live have to be lost to try and bring situations like this to the surface.


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