Breaking News: Some Bull****

Today has been my first day back at work after three weeks of school so I really wasn’t feeling the whole “work” thing. Just when I thought the day was going to suck my comrade showed me this video. The sheer silliness of it all was funny, but the fact that it’s so painstakingly true about the news made it hilarious! Seriously, on the news they rarely have good information or show coverage of truly life effecting information. The rest of the time it’s a bunch of guys in cheap suits or women in ugly suits talking about some bullshit that happened somewhere in the world. First the anchors try to scare you with the newest disease or plague on mankind, yap about the shitty economy and then, the weather. I love to stay on top of current events, but the day-to-day dumb shit you see on the daily local news is just a shame. This video totally sheds light on that bullshit and does it in funniest way! Here’s the video, try watching this before you go to work one morning; I bet it’ll brighten your day! Enjoy!


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