Snow White and the Huntsman, Trailer

Universal Studios has released a new and much more in-depth trailer for the upcoming fairy tale remake; Snow White and the Huntsman. The first trailer gave a little insight into what was to be expected from the film overall but left out key elements of the story. Although the first trailer was cool, it didn’t “wow” me (thus the basis of it not being present on this blog). This one however, WOW!

Over the last few years many have tried to remake classic fairy tales and bring them into new light. Although I give all who try an A for effort, these new fangled films seldom do the real story justice. Perhaps I’m just being meticulous, but adding a Jabberwoky to one film and revamping Cinderella a million times scores you no points with those of us that really care about the story. Rupert Sanders managed to achieve both feats with this summer-time hit. I’m willing to bet there are few people who know the other side to Snow White’s story, and even fewer that can really see the beauty yet darkness hidden beneath those dwarfs of hers.

Snow White and the Huntsman shows a completely different side to Snow White. I love it! This trailer showcases very well the darkness and eerie feel that I’m sure will embody the entire film. It’s one thing to find our heroin hiding out in the forest but it’s very unique to depict her as a warrior. In addition to the complete redesign of this timeless tale, I love the new creatures that were added to this flick. I’m getting a real Pan Labyrinth vibe from this one; the story is a fairy tale but not exactly made for kids. The new creatures shown in this trailer are truly something that could stem from the innocent imagination of a child, but they’re also something that could catch the interest of an adult. The “bad” creatures are reminiscent of the monstrosities seen in Bioshock II and to be seen in Bioshock Infinite; fantastical and oddly captivating. The “good” creatures however embody all that is good and pure in life while still maintaining the image that they are purely make-believe.

Lastly, one of the most captivating things about this trailer were the special effects. CGI has been used in lots of movies but it generally only transfers really well for action movies. It so seems that the minds at work at Universal managed to bring together CGI from a different angle that doesn’t make the movie appear fake, but visually enjoyable without giving you a headache.

All and all, I’m totally looking forward to 1 June 2012! Enough of my critique on a movie that’s not yet been released, lol. Here’s the new trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman for your viewing pleasure!


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