Fifth Grader Gets Busted for “Gambling”

Ever since the start of March Madness it so seems that all NCAA Basketball fans have been going ape-shit about their brackets. Rightfully so I suppose. Also in celebration of this annual tournament many people taking bets on the upcoming games and putting their bid in on who they think is going all the way. This young hustler however decided to take his entrepreneurial spirit and love for the North Carolina Tar Heels a step further.

11-year-old Max Kohll decided to organize a friendly NCAA tourney pool. Max’s rules were simple: Fill out your bracket, pay a $5 entry fee, winner takes half, second and third place split the rest. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right? I mean really, what’s a couple bucks between friends and since when is there anything wrong with rubbing in your friends’ face that you know your team is going all the way? That’s what this young hustler thought too.

Max’s kind spirited form of having fun turned out to be not so innocent. Much to his surprise this sort of “fun” was illegal and a form of gambling. Columbian Elementary School Principal Kathy Nelson gave Max a good stern talking to, explained to him why what he was doing was a crime, went and lectured the other kids in his class and called his mom!

Let’s pump the brakes right there. I remember being in fifth grade. It sucks enough taking that long ass walk down to the principal’s office, especially at that age. All you can think about is what you could’ve possibly done wrong and what may happen to you. It’s like walking yourself to boot camp. Next, once you finally land in the hot seat you have to sit there and take whatever words are being dished at you, try to keep a straight face (or burst into tears in hopes that the water works will set you free, lol) while still wondering what the end result of this office visit will be. Suspension. Note sent home. Detention. No one knows! Then comes the fun part, having the principal try to explain to you why what you did was wrong. This lecture can go one of two ways: you either know full well what you did was wrong but since you’re young and seemingly simple no one believes that you’re aware of your actions and the ramifications. Or you truly have no idea what you did was wrong and no matter how hard anyone tries to explain it, it just doesn’t click. At 11-years-old how much understanding of the world do you really have? Then, once that shits over, just when you think you’re home free the principal goes to lecture your class. Now you’re the annoying kid that caused the principal to come sit in the class all afternoon and yap which inhibits the other kids in your class from bullshiting around and enjoying life. Thanks Principal! Now everyone hates me, awesome. Anyway, once that’s over and you think you’re in the clear, the the principal calls your mom! That is the absolutely positively worst thing that can happen! I mean it’s one thing to get in trouble in school and it be handled in-house, but when the teach calls up Mama you know all hell is going to break loose once you get home. There goes your plan to eat ice cream and play PS3 once you get home. Damn. The even shittier part? No matter what the principal says or explains to your mom she still asks you the same question once you get home: “What were you thinking!?”. Damned if I know! I’m 11! Sheesh.

Back to Max, once his principal put a halt on his $5 fun, he joined a totally free and totally legal NCAA tournament pool facilitated by his little brother within his family circle.

Stories like these really amaze and confuse me. I love and totally respect a kid that hustles. You have to make money some how so why not do it a fun and easy way? Is there really hurt, harm or danger involved in what Max did? If you don’t want to get involved, then don’t! He wasn’t threatening to take anyones chocolate milk or lunch money if the other kids didn’t participate. The way I see it, Max’s scheme was no different from when adults and in some cases, older kids place bets on the Super Bowl. Is it a crime because he’s 11? Does “the man” what to stifle the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit of this young American? Maybe not that extreme, but you get the point, lol. Seriously though, what do you parents think of this shit? Below is a video clipping of this funny story as well as the entire story.

Fifth Grader Busted for Kiddy “Gambling”



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