Sociology 101: The Effect of Media on Women

I saw this picture and it actually struck a chord with me. I mean, if you’re into the “fake” look and have the energy to keep that shit up more power to you but I’m still stuck with a seemingly unanswerable question: why do (some) women do everything imaginable to build a fake self but with the straightest face, want a real man in their life? Notice the two italic words, real and fake? Aren’t the two contradictory of one another? Silly me for being one of few who sees beyond the grammatical error and into the real issue at hand.

In this day and age the technological advances associated with beauty and cosmetics are truly amazing. Makeup, ok, I got it, an easy way to correct minor skin imperfections or a way to add pop and color to your wardrobe. Fake hair, fine. You A) don’t want to take care of yours. B) find it more convenient to have fake hair and also fall into category A. C) would like to experiment with styles without cutting, coloring or damaging your own hair. All of those are fair reasons I suppose, just a little beyond my realm of understanding. Next there’s fake body parts compliments of plastic surgery. Seriously I’m all for minor cosmetic repairs such as dental work or some extreme skin care like chemical peels but fake asses, tittys and noses!? Something’s got to give.

Thanks in large part to silly pressure put on us by society, (some) modern American women go to great lengths to change the way they look for one reason or another; the most common reason being to catch and secure a boyfriend/”friend”/husband. That truly is the worst reason to do that. Period.

If you meet a guy with all that bullshit on do you really think he likes/loves you for who and what you are rather than what he sees? Let me answer that for you, fellas if I’m wrong please interject, but: Nope! If you meet some guy and you have on your fake hair, million dollar boobs and a face full of make up he’s going to expect you to stay that way. You can argue all you want that it’s possible but let’s remember, I’m a girl, I know the truth. It’s fuckin’ impossible! The sad part is now that you’ve created this glamazon you have to keep it up, or risk being dumped. Shitty, huh?

Following that same line of thought, and again, guys if I’m wrong please help me out, maintaining such an overtly false appearance tends to attract a certain type of guy. Not a “real man” and most certainly not the type you want to take home to meet pops. With that in mind, why build and maintain a totally bullshit facade but want a “real” man? You can’t go to a Cadillac dealership with Monopoly money and expect to come out with an Escalde, so why on earth would you think it works that way for relationships? Silly rabbits.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a real man, you have to be, dare I say it… real! I know Hollywood puts pressure on us to look and be a certain way, but from what I’ve learned about men it’s really not the priority the media makes it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, no man wants to date a total ragamuffin but there’s no need to look like a blow up doll. Perhaps if you lovely ladies spent you’re time valuing yourself and building on what makes you awesome then you wouldn’t solely rely on these trivial things and maybe, just maybe, with a little hope, trust and pixie dust you’d land yourself a real man that adores you just the way you are.

To wrap things up, one of my idols (Marilyn Monroe) put it best: “Boys grow cold as girls grow old, and we all lose our charms in the end…”. Even those implants will begin to sag. The botox will start to take it’s less publicized negative effects. The false hair will begin to become harder to find in matching shades (good luck finding natural looking gray weave). You however, beautiful you who God has made especially for some lucky real man will never fade away and if you take that time to build on and love everything that makes you beautiful, I’m sure you’ll find your Prince Charming. 🙂

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with any of the above mentioned self modification techniques, just don’t totally trick the poor men of the world. I’ll bet it’s pretty embarrassing to fall asleep with a guy one night and wake up to him asking you, “who the hell are you!?”, not because he’s drunk, lol.



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