Auto Bakery

It seems as though everyone is turning to an automated way of life and bidding farewell to actual employees. First there were ATMs, then came automated check out lanes at the grocery store (I love those), then Proactiv and Apple jumped on the bandwagon with ATM/vending machines to help get their products out to the masses without the hassle of heading to the store. This new goodie-machine however takes the cake… almost literally, lol.

LA based bakery Sprinkles designed an ATM to dish out decadent delights while simultaneously increasing profit. Since the ATM has been placed outside of the bakery last week lines wrapping around the block can be seen lining up to try out this new machine; even when the actual bakery is open. The cupcake ATM so far has been spitting out about 1,000 cupcakes per day! Needless to say this nifty device has far exceeded the bakery’s expectations for both profitability and general customer use.

This new technological advance is truly a gift from above for those of us that have a major sweet tooth but dodge the kitchen like it’s the plague. Did I mention that like “real” ATMs, this sweet machine runs 24-hours? Perfect fix for a late night snack or case of the munchies! Take a look at the pics below.


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