Sweeping Beauty

Calligraphic graffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman strikes again with his newest water-based creation, “Sweeping Beauty II”. Meulman is an Amsterdam based “artist” best known for his creative works of graffiti/calligraphy which can be found nearly the world over. Rather than using spray paint like other graffiti artists, this clever Dutchman uses water to make his mark on the pavement.

Could be a little odd to some, but I think its cool! Because Meulaman uses water, his work can only been seen the moments it’s created and a wrinkle in time before the water evaporates. What a way to leave your mark on society without the permanent stain! I’d always thought Banksy was pretty cool (the guy who leaves random, signature pieces of graffiti all over the world); but who would’ve guessed you could have the same effect without leaving a permanent tag where someone, perhaps a business owner, wouldn’t want it? Totally awesome! Here’s the video for “Sweeping Beauty II”. Enjoy!


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