Uncle Sam Turns to Robots

Don’t you just love seeing your hard-earned tax dollars at work? Well, I sure love reaping the benefits! lol. Seriously though, sometimes I do sympathize with the civilian public and can agree that the funds we spend in the military can be a little pointless but sometimes we end up with some pretty cool shit!

Thanks in part to iRobot (don’t judge, lol) I’m not a big fan of autonomous machinery; but for these robo-beasts I’ll make an exception. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has developed a Chetah-bot. This mechanical feline is still in the prototype and developmental phase but so far the cyber beast can travel at speeds up to 18mph and can make precise turns just like the real animal. That’s pretty fuckin’ cool! In addition to the Chetah-bot, DARPA has a couple other robo prototypes like the BigDog which can be seen in the video below. BigDog may not be as fast as Chetah-bot but he’s certain worth the funds and effort. Strykers and Humvees are cool and all, but it’d be fuckin’ sweet to have a robot carry all of my gear and control it with a little joystick. Maybe it’s my youthfulness but that seems fun to me, lol. Here’s a video compliments of CNN that show the Chetah-bot and give you an idea of what’s going on with the rest of the robo zoo.


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