Karmaloop Goes International

The best online store ever (Karmaloop) has continued to raise the bar for online fashion retailing. The Boston-based cyber store has teamed up with Chinese retailer Xiu.com to offer upscale urban fashions to our oriental brethren. Karmaloop has been shipping overseas for quite some time and is always expanding and adding new designers to their roster, but Xiu.com has been the first overseas retailer to team up with Greg Selkoe and his team of hustlers.

Nearly all products sold on Karmaloop will now be available to China and those of us that are state-side can now order even more with the help of Xiu.com. In case you are unaware, Xiu.com retails gear from designers such a Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren Polo, Givenchy and a gamut of other upscale designers. This is a huge update for The Jeanious and The Umbrella Team. As stated on the “Meet The Jeanious” tab, repping Karmaloop is one of my many hustles and one I truly love and take supreme pride in doing. Click on over to Karmaloop to shop around and see what we have in store.

Don’t forget! Use my rep code (greedyjeanious) to get 20% off your first order and 10% off every order thereafter.


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