Baylor Bears Jersey Reform

Just in time for March Madness the Baylor University Bears reveal their ultra loud, new home jerseys. Not that their athleticism doesn’t speak for itself, but I guess the Bears really wanted to stand out this year. To accomplish this mission, they did away with their traditional forest-green jerseys and with the help of Adidas Adizero, came up with the lime green design shown below.

In addition to the freaky color change, this new jersey design does feature some pretty cool updates that should help them out when it comes to game time. The new jersey is 40% lighter than the previous design and is made with a ClimaCool material that’s supposed to expunge heat and sweat from the players bodies as they hoop. This new get-up was solely designed for March Madness and will only be worn throughout the tournament. To get a better view of the new uni’s, catch the Baylor Bears v. Kansas City 5-10 March on ESPN.


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