Strange Love

While stumbling around WordPress I discovered this awesome post. Its pretty difficult to find people who share my sometimes unconventional opinions and its even more of a needle-in-the-haystack hunt to find someone with the guts to share their feelings publicly. This lady managed to complete both amazing feats and express said opinions with true passion and conviction.

In today’s society its acceptable for women to be belittled, used, abused and generally mistreated and frankly, I think its bullshit. I’m no feminist but I can’t understand why its okay for a woman to be treated badly whereas men should be treated like kings. I can remember pretty vividly throughout my school years the same instances Queen of the Couch discussed in her blog post. If a boy pulled my hair, hit me, pushed me or did anything that I thought was rude or disrespectful my teacher would say to me, “oh he just likes you!”; as if that was supposed to make everything okay. How in the fuck is hitting me a sign of affection!?

I think it’s completely ludicrous to teach anyone (girls specifically) that it’s okay to get beat on, hurt and harassed. Why don’t parents these days teach their daughters that they should be cherished, respected and appreciated? I know that if ever have a daughter that “hitting is a sign of love” shit is not something that she will be taught at my house.

In this common yet weird situation I’m not blaming the boys. It’s not the little boy’s fault that their lost, misguided and don’t know how to seek positive attention from a girl. It’s the parents and teachers fault for teaching the little girls that this sort of behavior is acceptable. If little girls all over the world took a stand and stopped allowing this bullying, I’m pretty sure this sort of behavior would not continue. If girls would let it be known that this sort of negative attention is unwanted and unattractive I’m pretty sure boys would find some other way to express their affection.

The next time you think to tell a little girl who complains about a boy hitting/pushing/bothering her is a sign of love, just imagine where that girl could end up. If we teach our daughters that abuse is okay then what’s to stop them from entering an abusive relationship? Repetition is a mighty teacher. If it’s drilled in a kids mind that hitting=love that thought probably wont leave her as she ages. What starts as a round of love taps could lead to that woman in ICU because her boyfriend/husband “loved her”. Great job America. Way to raise the babies! 🙂

I really loved this post and as you can tell, it truly spoke to my soul. Below is the link for this amazing article. I can tell that her daughter wont be bullied or pushed around on the playground. 🙂

You Didn’t Thank Me for Punching You in the Face.


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