Little Black Book for the 21st Century

With Valentine’s Day a meer 24-hours away I find it a perfect opportunity to assist my fav magazine (Complex) in throwing salt on the game of every player/pimp/man-whore out there. 🙂 Much love fellas but someone has to let the ladies out there know how sneaky you guys really are, lol.

A very long time ago, before the age of Android and Apple men kept little black books with phone numbers, pictures and records of conquests that were of course hidden from prying eyes; more importantly, the eyes of the women they said they loved. In this new era, they now have apps to help them cheat, sneak around and not get caught up. This awesome yet whistle-blowing article lists the going price, availability (ie, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc) and general use of the top ten apps every girlfriend/wife on the planet would hate to see you have.

I try my best to keep up with new technology and I’m the queen of all apps but even some of these caught me by surprise. Who would’ve guess there’s actually an app that automatically sends you to a persons voicemail? What a clever way to avoid those arguments with your significant other! “I tried to call, but it went to voicemail!”. Here’s the entire article with the super cool list of apps compliments of Complex.

The 10 Apps Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You To Have


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