Twista Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston

I still can’t believe Whitney Houston is gone. Her death actually came to me as more of a surprise than when Michael Jackson passed away. Whitney was a true talent and one of the greatest singers to grace a microphone. My heart and condolences truly go out to her family, mainly her daughter. I can not imagine loosing my mom when I was her age. I truly hope that she can find new guidance and comfort in this time of sorrow and confusion.

Upon Whitney’s death hitting the news I noticed that there were many that saw fit to judge Whitney based on the life she’d let in the past. Lets be real, everybody battles with some sort of vice or demon, so why did we see fit to judge her? The way I see it, she moved past her bad habits and ultimatly got out of a marriage that was (clearly) bad for her to better herself. No one can force you to do a damn thing that you don’t want to do so for her to give up drugs and all else that was dragging her down was a true glimpse into her strength.

Moving on, Twista has decided to pay tribute to the late, great songstress by rapping a couple of bars on this amazing beat. I’ve always been a sucker for samples so naturally this beat speaks to my soul. In addition, Twista only rapped one verse over this track. I thought it was really fitting to let the beat ride for the majority of the song to offer more of a “tribute”. The extra space on the beat allows you, the listner, to sing/rap/scream a verse to pay homage to Whitney in your own way.

RIP Whitney Houston

Twista-Whitney Houston Tribute.mp3 – 4.9 MB

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