I Dream of Detroit

I normally don’t do this but I’m going to use this blog to vent and whine. Every year around this time I get just a wee bit homesick. Most people think Detroit is the worst place on Earth and look at me like I have three eyes when I tell them that’s where I’m from but that’s because they don’t understand!

I miss the food, the sounds, the sight and probably most of all, the people of my beloved city. I hate getting hungry in the middle of the night and not having a restaurant that I can run to-to grab a quite bite. I’m sick of people asking “what’s that?” when I start craving Coney Island. I miss being able to drive around Downtown and watch off of the madness of the city ensue. This might be a little hood but I actually miss hanging out downtown and watch groups of guys skulk out their next prey, lol; gotta love the men of my city. OMG. The men in my city are truly like no other. Can you say swag? I’m convinced, grab any man from my city and they’ll put all you little boys to shame. No offense. 🙂 I can’t help it! Maybe it’s just the city in me but I melt when I see a man in some new J’s (if you didn’t get that, stop reading now) with a fitted and a clean white tee. If you catch one of our men trying to be fly of course he has the dopest ride and flyest gear. In my city, you’re nothing if you look like shit and us Detroiters take that seriously.

I miss all the ghetto-girls of my city too. It always made me laugh on the first day of summer when every girl within the city limits would break out that outfit that she bought at the end of last summer and has been dying to wear all winter; talk about comedy, lol. Chicks from my city are also a little thuggish and that’s something that you’ll only come by in Detroit. I’ve lived in a few different places and Detroit has been the only place where I’ve seen a man call a woman a “Bitch” and she does something about it. Detroit women will cuss you out and if you get one of us Eastsiders will try to fight you over what we deem as an act of disrespect. My city don’t breed suckers; I love it!

I miss living in a city where people were thick skinned. You have no idea how difficult it is to fit in anywhere else when you’re from Detroit. Maybe if I moved to Jersey, LA or Chicago things would be different but out here people are so sensitive. Back home you could be real with someone and not only would they not get intimidated but they wouldn’t get butt hurt or upset by what you said! I miss walking into a store and the employees actually being helpful rather than saying “I don’t know” to everything you ask. Hell I miss being able to go to a store and ask for something (ie, a certain pair of shoes) and the sales rep actually knowing and understand what I’m talking about.

I miss the sights, the sounds, the everything that makes my city special! I miss going to the Riverwalk on hot summer nights and just hanging out there with my “buddy”. I miss going to Campus Martius to go ice skating during the winter. This is the third, dismal, depressing year in a row that I’ve missed the Auto Show. I miss all the festivals that go on every summer at Hart Plaza (Technofest is definitely my fav).

I miss the shopping in Detroit too. OMG. I HATE SHOPPING OUT HERE! Sorry Washington, but do you know how hard it is to find jeans that fit in this damn state!? In Detroit, all of us women are shaped a little “different” so finding clothes that fit are a breeze! Did I mention how fly the gear in Detroit is? I know people from other parts of the world wouldn’t understand why we genuinely want to wear clothes with labels sprawled all over the place but it’s what I/we love! In my city you can go to any mall and get clothes for all occasions. Uniforms for school, stuff to wear to “da club” or a bright ass suit to wear to church. As silly as it looks, in Detroit those old school pimps can sure pull of those lime green/Sunny D yellow suits, lol.

That’s another thing, I miss the churches in Detroit! I don’t care what anyone says about it, but it made me damn glad to know there’s a church on just about every corner. No matter what if you sinned and are ready to repent you could get your Jesus fix easy in Detroit. It’s not uncommon for my people to leave “da club” and head straight to the house of God once they take a gander at the time. Some people call in bad but I think it’s commendable in an odd way. Anyway, the churches back home have a completely different feel than the ones anywhere else. I know in Detroit we do things with soul but it’s different. No matter how shitty things were or how awful I felt whenever I entered my church back home I truly felt like Christ himself was in the building. People sang like their lives depended on it and really prayed. I miss seeing people “catch the spirit” and run laps throughout the church and I miss my loud pastor yelling whenever the Holy Ghost hit. You haven’t lived until you attend a church service in Detroit. Even if you’re not really religious after sitting in the house of prayer for a while in my city, you’ll enter one way and I promise you wont come out the same. Once the beautiful hymns from the choir hit draw you in, the drums, guitar and organ will certainly get you moving and the whatever the pastor speaks on that Sunday is bound to make you say, “damn, life isn’t so bad!”.

I even miss the random things about Detroit. In all of its oddity, in Detroit its normal for a Pigeon or Squirrel to run up on you for you’re food and then have the nerve to squawk, hiss or growl at you when you don’t fork it over. Imagine that? I even find myself comparing bums of Detroit to bums of wherever I’m living at the time. Out here people seriously stand on street corners and beg for your money; I hate that. I understand life sucks for you and you’re not in a position to work but how dare you just beg for my hard earned money!? Where I’m from, there is no begging. A bum might ask you for $1 or spare change but trust and believe he’s going to work for it. He’ll wash your windows, shine your rims, carry your groceries, do something to earn that little bit of money you’re about to give him. Detroiters have a supreme sense of pride and even when we’re down and out we never compromise it.

I think that’s one thing I miss the most; the true sense of pride my city has and the drive to hustle. In Detroit, we get it the best way we can. Some people judge because all funds may not be earned in the most conventional of means but never will you set foot intro Detroit and see a child hungry because his mama or daddy didn’t have the money to feed their baby. You’ll never catch a Detroit sleeping. If there’s money to be made we’re out there getting it by any means necessary. A Detroiter will never let shitty circumstances hold them down. Even now with the economy down and the auto industry hurtin’, my city has not fallen apart.

I often find myself explaining to people why I love Detorit so much and trying to describe to them everything that makes my city special. A lot of people have told me that I describe Detroit to be better than New York; well in my eyes, it is. 🙂

Man I miss Detroit! I miss arguing with people over which side of the city is better (it’s the Eastside of course, if you disagree, fuck you very much and have a lovely day :-)). I miss driving around at night and seeing the city skyline all lit up. I miss going to Coney Island and having people try to sell me bootleg movies. I miss everything that makes my city special! I miss you Detroit! Until we meet again, I will remember you fondly and continue you uphold your reputation even though outsiders try their hardest to knock it, my city is still the best city on Earth!

(yes, that’s where The Jeanious grew up. 8 Mile and Gratiot. I love my house, :-))


One thought on “I Dream of Detroit

  1. …Maybe I really should have been born in Canada after reading this lol (well, I’m reading at least).. The city does have its ups (beats the KZoo boredem, you’ve got that damn right)

    And THIS:
    “I actually miss hanging out downtown and watch groups of guys skulk out their next prey, lol; gotta love the men of my city.”
    “OMG. The men in my city are truly like no other. Can you say swag? I’m convinced, grab any man from my city and they’ll put all you little boys to shame.”

    -THIS shit!..SMH.. It is amusing but annoys the living hell out of the more introverted/ “types” like me. Lol. No, these boys just know how to bark big, they are still big ass puppies (not all of them, but the “skulking” ones are).
    Then again, no one but the super-friendly or daring dare approach the ones with CBF ( cronic-bitch-face lmao. Ah, that I love honestly. It’s just my face buddy 😀 )


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