Run For Your Life

Here’s a fun way to add some spark to your run! The annual “Run For Your Lives” features a 5k race, obstacles and an undead opponent; zombies! In this one-of-a-kind charity race you must run, scale towers, crawl through tunnels, climb a rope net all while dodging zombies! At the start of the race you’re given a belt with colored banners to represent your lives (anyone who’s played flag football knows exactly what I mean) and it’s your job to successfully complete the race and keep as many of your flags as possible. If you make it to the end of the race flagless, then you’ve fallen victim to the zombie clan. Sad faces. Call it what you want but this sounds totally AWESOME! I’m totally signing up for the Seattle/Portland race in August. Here’s a video below that shows last years race in Baltimore. For anyone else interest in registering for the madness, sign up here at Run For Your Life.

Run For Your Lives 2011 from Alexander Turoff on Vimeo.


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