Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day draws near so why not take this opportunity to post a gift guide! All other standard gift giving holidays have more legitimate reason for celebration but Valentine’s Day has always struck me just as a day or excuse to get free shit so why not enjoy it! Fellas, if you’re lost on what to get, look no further! She’s bound to like something I’ve listed…

3487001 Angle Large

Pink Beats by Dr. Dre, $299

“Hopeless Lover”, Jbon Clothing Co., $40

Pink Sugar Perfume (hint guys: it smells like candy!) *Jeanious Pick*, $45

Product Image

Rose dipped in 24K GOLD *Jeanious PIck*, $55

The Vixen Moda Custom Baby-G ZShock Bezel

Custom Baby G-Shock w/ZShock Bezel, $750

Artistry Light-Up Lip Gloss, *Jeanious Pick* $15.30

Spa Packages

Massage/Spa Packag, $105-$340

Dinner and Lunch Cruises
I Am Loved .03ct TW Teddy Bear Diamond Pendant
748910 - Ribbon Pamper Gift Collection
Plane Rides
Last but not least and probably the most done to death, yet reliable and still perfect gift: a card from Hallmark, roses and a nice “I love you”. 🙂

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