Dear Old Master…

Funny I stumble upon this letter on the first day of Black History Month. It’s always sort of bothered me that there’s a specific month dedicated to black history. I mean, we learn about caucasian history everyday so why do we need one single, solitary specific month to learn about ours? My thoughts on that are best saved for another post. Anyway, in 1865 a former slave owner apparently wrote a letter to one of his former slaves asking him to return to extend his life of servitude. I’ll admit Jourdan Anderson has far more tact than I would have if presented with such an “opportunity”. This very eloquent and actually sort of funny letter not only shows that it is possible for a person to depart from a bad situation on good terms, but this former slave also laid out his own list of demands for if he were to return to work. Here’s the link for To My Old Master…

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