Lest We Forget

I saw this picture on one of my friend’s Facebook page and was actually really moved by it. Although it’s kinda sad it really hits home on some key points that I feel like most people (those of you that don’t wear a military uniform to work everyday) can’t really relate to. I feel the majority of those we serve take for granted the sacrifices we as Soldiers make and for some reason, still seek to take more for us. In all honesty people, once a Soldier has given his/her life for their country what more do you want? The Soldiers that live to fight another day are not usually welcomed home by parades and celebrations, but by politicians and angry supporters trying to cut our already minimal pay. Why?

In the time I’ve been in the Army I’ve met many people who have taken my job for granted and delivered more than their fair share of unnecessary and unkind comments. That is where I have to draw the line. I’m fully aware that we all have certain rights that were given to us by God and upheld by the Constitution (such as the freedom of speech and the right to pursue happiness), but I think that many Americans take that right disrespectfully far. I’m not one to infringe on anyones rights but it really pisses me off to hear people protest wars that they have nothing to do with. It’s my friends on the battlefield, not yours. I’ll be the one boarding a plane to deploy. Not you. With that being said, what gives you the right to speak out on what’s right on my behalf? As I always say to those who find it necessary to give me a piece of their mind when it comes to my job, “if you don’t want to stand behind me, you’re welcome to deploy and stand in front of me”. No takers?

Moving on, if I have given up certain liberties, packed up and moved clear across the country from my family and sworn to defend this country as well as it’s residents, is it too much to ask for said residents to be a bit more grateful? Do people these days not realize that my brothers and sisters in arms fight and die everyday to defend their right to talk about how much they hate us and how pointless these wars are? News flash civilians! We know! We follow orders; we do not make decisions. If given a command to fight, we fight. If ordered to fall back, we come home. My battle buddies dread the thought of deploying just as much as you all dread the thought of us being there so why must you all add hell to our already living hell? We give up everything we have to protect and serve you but you call us names, try to take our pay and treat us as if we are the enemy, why? We are Soldiers, public servants and defenders of our country. We fight and do things the other 93% of you aren’t willing to do so you wont have to, but we’re scrutinized and called “evil”, “baby killers”, “murders” and a myriad of other cruel names.

Remember America, freedom is not free. I’m not asking you to agree with what we do, nor am I asking you to thank us for what we do, I am however asking you to take a look at this picture and read the poem and really give it some thought.




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