The Bat-suit Through Time

I know this is super nerdy but I don’t care. I’m a huge Batman fan and feel like this piece of “art” I found web browing is worthy to be shared. A guy by the name of Benjamin Andrew Moore thought it would be cool to showcase how Batman’s costumes have varied through time in comics, film and TV from his early begning in 1939 to present day. There are a couple variations of the famous Bat-suit that were left out (its nearly impossible to capture all variations of this getup in a single panel comic) but other than that this lay out is damn accurate! I love it! Here’s the layout below. If you want to see more of Mr. Moore’s art check out his blog:

Ben Moore’s Blog

TheHistoryoftheBatSuit 4ef8a37b2d343 w540 The History of the Batmans Bat Suit





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