Powerful New Drug Has Experts Worried

While reading through the Huffington Post I stumbled upon this really interesting article about a new drug set to hit the prescription market soon (a year from now is soon in the realm of medical advances).

I’m sure all of you are familiar with OxyContin, but now physicians are looking to put its raw form, Hydrocodone on the market as well. Hydrocodone is approximately ten times stronger than its generic form an even more addictive. This magical drug will serve as a prescription only pain killer for those in need of a remedy for moderate to server pain. On the flip side, it will have the same violently addictive properties as its generic form (OxyContin) which has drug abuse experts worried. Under the right conditions, Hydrocodone should not only nullify pain for patients but should also provide a euphoric effect (i.e. a mild high) to help take the patients mind off of the momentous amount of pain they’re in just as Oxy does. The problem however comes in when the fine line is crossed between “under control” and “under addiction”.

Both OxyContin and Hydrocodone pills are designed for a time release effect. The actual drug is encased in a hard shell that takes the body’s acids quite some time to break through, thus, giving the patient long lasting pain relief and no undue high. If however this time release shell is broken, such as if the pill is bitten or crushed, the Hydrocodone/OxyContin takes full effect sending the user/patient into a complete high. Often times, this high is comparable to that of Heroine or Cocaine. Even worse, the withdrawals when the drug is snatched away may include but are not limited to cramps, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea and a hard time thinking clearly like many other drugs in the Opium family.

Here’s is where my discrepancies come in. I do understand that drug abuse in America is a problem. I also understand that accidental overdoes is a huge problem and should be taken seriously. I don’t understand however why anyone would deny those who truly need stronger medication the right to better meds because you’re afraid that a few people will OD. America is supposed to be that land of the free and my bible says that God gave us all free will; if someone is determined to harm themselves by overdosing on drugs then why not let them? Those in need should not have to suffer because America will not allow adults to be adults. It is not the responsibility of my physicians to ensure that I don’t abuse any of my prescription drugs so why should the burden be placed on these fine medical practitioners? Why should men and women who are in serious pain such as those with spinal injuries or those with cerebal injuries (those really suck) be forced to endure more pain than neccessary because “we” don’t trust grown ass people do do the right thing?

In their defense, the article did state that some doctors are now working to make on overdose-proof version of both drugs (good luck with that) before Hydrocodone hits the market. I suppose the drug companies don’t think child safe locks on pill bottles are good enough anymore and are going to make the pills themselves as I say, “idiot proof”. You can’t stop a person from doing what they want to do. In the land of the free and home of the brave those simple, seemingly innocuous rights are the very rights I fight to defend so I would much prefer if they were left un-tampered with. Thanks! 🙂 Here’s the article below from the Huffington Post.

New Drug To Hit Perscriptions, Abuse Experts Worried


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