“Sex Is No Accident”, MTV

MTV decided to put together their own ad campaign for safe sex and these awesome twenty second commercials are what they came up with. All three capers start off with people living their lives and enjoying recreational tasks such as jet skiing and parasailing and somehow, end up having sex with some a random person. They’re pretty fucking funny if you ask me; especially the one with the chick parasailing. Have you ever noticed that on TV or in a movie when a women gets caught cheating she says, “it was an accident!” and her husband always hits her with the, “what!? you tripped/fell on his dick!?”. Well, thats exactly what happened to her! 🙂 Classic comedy! Moving on, despite the general humor of these commercials, the true fact of the matter is clear: sex is never and accident so you should always use a condom.

Since we’re on the topic, I’ve always been a firm believer that pre-martital sex is wrong, BUT if one must do it, why not use protection? I mean, I know condoms suck but there are dozens of other options out there, why not take advantage? I’m just saying. A few moments of pleasure can’t be worth the lingering aftermath.


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