Does It Matter?

I always wonder why people obsess over what others think of them. In the grand scheme of things, why does it really matter? Like one of my Drill Sergeants in basic training once told me (excuse the vulgarity) “You don’t fuck me, you don’t pay my bills, sign my checks and you weren’t there at my conception”. Why do people waste energy, money and infinitely more important, time trying to impress one another? I’m not saying go through life and say “screw it!” when it comes to your reputation but why put yourself through the hassle of trying to impress everyone in the world when they really don’t fuckin matter?

When we all go to meet our maker when we take our final breathes on earth we all will go alone. No one will stand beside us to hold our hands and the Lord certainly won’t accept “he/she told me to do it!” as an explanation for your actions. With that being said, again, why do we spend so much trying to impress one another? Does it really matter?


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