Christmas is near! Let us rejoice!

Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas. I think its sweet that I get free days off of work, every one is in a generally good mood this time of year and it seems like the world is just full of good cheer around Christmas time. You can even find Soldiers filled with Christmas spirit. Just a couple of days ago my NCOIC (boss) and fellow soldiers were out running and saw a huge group of soldiers doing a “fun run”. It was totally awesome! The majority of the Soldiers had on decorative antlers, Santa/Elf hats and one Soldier had on a full Santa suit! They were allowed to brings their dogs who were also decked out in Christmas spirit. One Private’s trusty Golden Retriever had what looked like a wreath around his neck and Christmas lights wrapped around him as he trotted alongside his owner; it was great! Way to keep us troops motivated! My NCOIC was even hit with the spirit and decided to have us sing carols rather than call cadences while running. I know, a little unconventional and not very “HOOAH!” but fuck it! It was fun! 🙂

In addition to general happiness all around, I love to see how willing everyone is to help one another and how genuinely kind people seem to be this time of year. Everyone is so willing to help their fellow man/woman and truly friendly to one another. Except of course those poor people that get shot/pepper sprayed/injured while shopping for the hot toy of the year but those are isolated instances! 🙂

Amidst all of the carols, cookies and shopping though, let us not forget the true reason we celebrate Christmas. The CHRIST part. on 25 December the Savior of the World was born. Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Even if you’re not really religious, I still think the birth of Jesus is a pretty cool story. I mean seriously, imagine if you (as a man) were due to be married and your girl up and says “hey! I’m pregnant BUT I swear I didn’t cheat on you!”. On the other hand, what if you (as a woman) found yourself with child but were truly still a virgin? I know in either outcome I’d flip the fuck out! I can’t begin to imagine how Mary and Joseph felt.

After having some pretty human (notice I did not say bad, but human) thoughts, Joseph went to bed and an angel came to him in his dreams and told him that Mary was truly “pure” and that is was okay to take her as his wife. This angel also brought to the soon-to-be-fathers attention that the child his fiancé was carrying was of the Holy Spirit and the child that would be the one who would save us from our sins. Lastly, he gave him a bit of instruction: “they will call him Jesus, meaning “God with us'”. Once he woke up he did just as the messenger of the Lord commanded; he took Mary as his wife and upon the birth of the child he named him Jesus. Also to ensure that the prophecy was fulfilled, he didn’t have sex with his wife until she popped out little Jesus.

Let’s stop there. Can you imagine knowing something then having an angel tell you that whatever you thought you knew isn’t true? I’m willing to bet that Joseph knew Mary cheated on him. I mean really, how else can she get knocked up? He also had a plan on how he’d separate from her without bringing shame upon himself or her; all of that went out of the window when that angel came to him. Also, as a God fearing woman I know that we must walk by faith and not by sight and that we are expected to (as the bible says) “lean not to our own understanding” but at what point do you let go of what you know and let what the Lord says override? Human logic is a beast and mighty hard to fight sometimes, but at what point do you raise your hands and surrender?

Moving on, a few months go by and Mary has the baby. The King of Kings, Christ is born. Just as the angel told them, the child was a boy and the Savior of man. People came from many miles to meet their new king and brought many gifts as Mary and Joseph tended to their new baby.

Now, think back to what I asked a second ago about letting go of what you know. How freaked out do you think Mary and Joseph were when their baby was born and he was truly and exactly what the angel said he’d be? That’s the amazing part of the story to me. Sometimes in life things make no sense. The world around you may seem unclear, you’re friends and family may treat you like the odd man out but at some point someone/thing inside you tells you that “everything will be okay” and low and behold… it is. Happy holidays everyone! 🙂 Here’s the actual story of Jesus’ birth from the bible if you want to read it for yourself.

Birth of Jesus, Matthew 1:18-25

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