New Nicki Minaj, “Stupid Hoe”

The world’s biggest Barbie is back with “Stupid Hoe”. Some title, huh? The first lady of Young Money is damn good, but one must wonder if she took a little trip down the rabbit hole and never came back. Her lyrics are always dope, but sometime she’s way off in left field. “Roman in Russia” was totally out there and her debut album Pink Friday was hot but at the same time a little hard to follow. Half of the album she’s rapping about being the baddest Barbie in the land, sometime she spits soulful ballads about love and her life struggles and other times it seems like the chick really think’s she’s a Barbie. Once you get past this tracks Candy Land beat and her carrying this long sing-songy note throughout the hook the song is pretty good. No news on when her new album (Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded) will drop but, here’s “Stupid Hoe”. Enjoy!


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