Everybody Hates Kris

According to a public survey posted on Forbes.com, Kris Humphies is the NBA’s most hated player. Ok, I don’t know a whole lot about Basketball but I do know that Kris Humphies was a nobody until his wed to and untimely separation from self-made-somewhat-celeb Kim Kardashian.

Kris Humphries has got to be the epitome of a marginal player. Ignoring the fact in his “breakout year” he only averaged ten points per game, Mr. Humphies’ most recent contract has only secured him $8 Million. I know that “only” is a linear term but in the scheme of Basketball it is. With his competition being big name players such as Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett making between $80 Million and $21 Million, Humphries’ little $8 Million is pretty much pennies in a well. Also, if memory serves, the wedding ring he bought his bride-to-be was a little over $2 Million; a quarter of his year long contract. By the way, prior to becoming Mr. Kim Kardashian, did any of you even know what team Kris Humphries played for? This guy was pretty much an NBA nobody, a bench warmer, a sixth man; but now he’s media enemy number one?

I find it really sad that Kris Humphries has been voted the most hated player in the NBA. For what? Because he married and divorced Kim Kardashian? Is her legion of followers truly that strong? Let poor Kris go on and live his life as a marginal NBA player and enjoy the simple things like a wife without a media fetish and media coverage without slander. Here’s the whole article compliments of ESPN and a video.

Kris Humphries, Most Hated Player in NBA

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