The Dark Knight Rises, Trailers

Batman in my opinion is the greatest hero ever. Flat out. Period. In my book, with his gadgets, style and swag, not to mention fancy car collection, Batman tops all other heroes in the DC universe. Not to mention his movies and comics are cool as shit. I’m totally looking forward to the 20 July 2012 release of the sequel and theoretical final installment in the Batman/Dark Knight series, The Dark Knight Rises. Starring of course Christian Bale as Batman and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (an awful choice I say but I’m not Christopher Nolan so who am I to decide…) this film takes place ten years after The Dark Knight and shows Gotham in a much darker, more depressing state of affairs. With both Bane and Catwoman on the lose terrorizing the city, Commissioner Gordon ill and racing death and Batman getting older himself, will Batman be able to save Gotham and be the knight in dark armor he’s always been? Of course he will! 🙂 Despite the absence of the coolest villain ever (The Joker, clearly) I’m expecting The Dark Knight Rises to be a hit! Here are both trailers for the film. FYI, the second trailer is cooler and gives a little more insight into the potential story line. 🙂

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