Awesome Parents Being Awesome

I saw this article today and it really touched my heart. Little Jacob is a type 1 Diabetic which is mildly uncommon in his part of the world (Quebec) and started to feel like an odd-ball because he had to wear an insulin pump. Rather than complaining, Jacob took it like a trooper and was actually happy at first that he got a pump rather than having to get five insulin shots a day (all of you diabetics out there can relate to how much those really suck!). However, he’s only in kindergarten and it’s hard to fit in when you have a little machine strapped to your side. After expressing his feeling to his parents his totally awesome guardians found a remedy to his loneliness; they got matching tattoos of Jacob’s insulin pump. I know that’s a odd and probably unconventional but I think its so sweet and totally awesome! I’m always rooting for the little guy and can definitely relate to how an illness can make you feel left out so the idea of someone doing something to help you feel like you’re not the only one is so uplifting! Here’s the rest of the article below.

Parents Get Tattoos To Support Diabetic Son

Camille Boivin, right, Philippe Aumond, left, show their tattoos with their playfull son Jacob Aumond, in this undated photo. Some parents get tattoos of their child's name, but Philippe Aumond and Camille Boivin went one better.


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